Unionized healthcare workers at Motion Picture Television Fund will hold a rally Thursday at the hospital and long-term care center in Woodland Hills over lack of progress in contract negotiations.

The mid-day rally is being staged by the Service Employees International Union of the United Healthcare Workers – West. The MPTF and the union have been bargaining over a successor agreement to an expired contract since last August.

The union has been seeking a one-to-eight staffing ratio and maintaining benefits to attract and retain qualified caregivers and asserted that workers have reported staffing as high as one-to-12. “MPTF management continues to reject safer staffing ratios and is moving to double the healthcare premiums for workers,” the union said.

MPTF CEO Bob Beitcher responded Wednesday by asserting that management is treating its employees fairly.

“MPTF continues to believe that the best place to negotiate with SEIU is around a table and not on the street or in the press,” he said. “We know that industry members who encounter the informational pickets tomorrow fully understand that there are at least two sides to every negotiation and will be able to see through the rhetoric and trust that MPTF deals fairly and equitably with its labor force. We are proud to serve our industry’s union and guild members every day on our campus and in the community to provide a safety net of support.”

Besides the Woodland Hills campus, the MPTF operates half a dozen health centers in the Los Angeles area, providing medical and social services for biz retirees.