On Oct. 9, the Cinema Society hosted a screening of 20th Century Fox’s “The Counselor,” a drug cartel thriller with a screenplay by Cormac McCarthy. The event at Manhattan’s Crosby Street Hotel was packed with attendees like Joy Behar, Grace Covington, Thomas Roberts and Julianna Margulies.

At the cocktail party before the film, some of the cast talked about their favorite works by McCarthy.

“To be honest with you,” said pic’s star Michael Fassbender, “I started reading ‘The Road’ and unfortunately, I haven’t finished a book since probably 2006. I just end up reading scripts all the time, and I’m a very slow reader. But I was a big fan of ‘No Country for Old Men.’ And this script blew me away.”

“I’ve read three of his books,” said John Leguizamo. “‘Blood Meridian’ is probably my favorite. It’s incredibly violent, and everybody has been trying to make it into a movie, and they haven’t figured out how.”

Rosie Perez said the screenplay was the main draw for her. “Honestly,” she said, “I’ve never read his books before.”