Sony has released its latest trailer for its sci-fi action pic “Elysium” which features Matt Damon delivering big in the action department and even injecting a little humor.

Directed by “District 9” helmer Neill Blomkamp, the new extended trailer gives us more story and also features more footage of Sharlto Copley’s villain.

After hitting it big with “Distirict 9,” which cost just north of $30 million, Sony and MRC increased Blomkamp’s budget to $100 million and it looks like the South African helmer has left every dollar on the screen.

The film also looks like a return to form for Damon, who has thrived in these types of movies since his days as Jason Bourne. Damon may have broken through his awards darling “Good Will Hunting” but it was the “Bourne” series that made him star and it looks like he is delivering to that fan base here.

“Elysium” arrives on Aug. 9.