Legendary Buys Lisa Joy Spec Script ‘Reminiscence’ in Bidding War (EXCLUSIVE)

Project picked up for low seven figures, making it one of the biggest script deals of the year

Legendary Buys Lisa Joy Spec Script 'Reminiscence' Bidding War (EXCLUSIVE)

Legendary Pictures has paid low seven figures for Lisa Joy’s sci-fi thriller “Reminiscence,” beating out several studios for the rights to the spec over the weekend making it one of the biggest script deals of the year.

Sources say Legendary paid $1.75 million for the script.

Story revolves around a man who runs a service that allows people to relive their memories and gets pulled into a deadly plot.

The project is said to fit in well with the kind of sci-fi and fantasy fare Legendary is known for making like “Inception,” “Pacific Rim,” “Man of Steel” and the upcoming “Seventh Son,” 300: Rise of an Empire,” “Warcraft” and “Godzilla.”

Alex Hedlund will oversee “Reminiscence” for Legendary, now based at Universal.

Joy is also writing “Westworld” with Jonathan Nolan for HBO, which she will also executive produce with Nolan, J.J. Abrams and Jerry Weintraub.

Her credits include co-producing USA Network’s “Burn Notice” and writing for ABC’s “Pushing Daisies.” She sold the drama “Athena” to Fox last summer for Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox TV to produce. Project is based on her graphic novel “Headache.”

Joy is repped by UTA and attorney Michael Schenkman.