Latin America, Spain create Academy Federation

Org launched at Cartagena fest

On Sunday — as Hollywood’s Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences celebrates the Oscars — the acads of Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Spain are announcing the creation of the Federation of Ibero-American Film Academies (Fiacine).

News will be unveiled at Colombia’s 53rd Cartagena Film Festival.

Chile’s Audiovisual Platform is also a founding member with Brazil and Portugal looking set to join, and the Federation will encourage Peru, Venezuela, Cuba and Uruguay to create their own Academies.

Some of its immediate plans — including the creation of Ibero-American film awards and an education program — are ripped from AMPAS’ playbook.

Its launch comes as Latin America is emerging as one of the fastest-growing film markets in the world, with governments from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego firing up funding for national or regional industries plus Hollywood outfits, including IM Global and Participant, investing in Latin American pics.

In the region’s anti-piracy battle, the Federation will push different legal platforms for movies from Latin America, Spain and Portugal — promoting online web services and digital cinema networks. Some of these services may be open to indie movies worldwide.

AMPAS’ roadmap includes a museum to preserve Hollywood’s patrimony. Slightly behind this curve, one of the Federation’s main goals will be to encourage the pan-regional distribution of Ibero-American film in an area where very few movies travel, bringing them to a wider audience.

The Federation will next meet at September’s San Sebastian Festival to establish its base and voting procedures, then at Mexico’s Guadalajara.

“The keyword is co-operation on all levels,” said Diego Ramirez, VP of the Colombian Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Per Jose Garasino, managing director of Spain’s Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, “Our primary objective is to unite filmmakers and film crews across Ibero-America.”