Talk of unrequited – and fictional — love heated up the Aug. 12 Gotham screening of Sony Classics’ “Austenland,” as the cast and filmmakers, inspired by the movie’s lead character’s obsession with Mr. Darcy from “Pride and Prejudice,” admitted their longtime crushes.

“I would want Mr. Darcy,” said Jennifer Coolidge, on the red carpet at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema for the Cinema Society fete, admitting a love for men from across the pond. “The thing about English guys is that they just look really good in their clothes, and they’re really charming. That’s pretty sexy stuff.”

J.J. Feild, a prime example of a charming Brit, said his biggest – and first — crush has always been Princess Leia because “she’s cool, she runs around and shoots her laser, and she doesn’t take any shit.” Growing up, he said, “I would be disappointed going to the playground and not seeing those buns on all the girls. I was always looking for Leia’s buns.”

“Wait,” he corrected himself, “‘Buns’ mean something different in America, doesn’t it?”

Producer Stephenie Meyer also loves a character with buns – an affinity for kicking them, that is. “I kind of fell in love with Jeremy Renner’s character in ‘The Bourne Legacy,’” she said. “I like tough guys in movies.”

“Austenland” heroine Keri Russell, too, likes them tough, and although she wouldn’t name anyone specific, it seems like she may also like her men mustachioed. “For lack of specificity, a cowboy,” she said. “A Sam Elliott kind of cowboy.”

“I definitely had my fangirl moments with Patrick Swayze in ‘Dirty Dancing’ as a young girl,” said “Austenland” director Jerusha Hess.  “I could be the ugly girl in the corner that gets wooed by this hot, older man.”