Katzenberg Talks Tech at Korean Conference

DWA honcho also meets with local aspiring animators

Jeffrey Katzenberg
John Lamparski/WireImage

DreamWorks Animation  CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and Korean film director Bong Joon-ho (“Snowpiercer”) exchanged ideas on storytelling and filmmaking at the CJ Global Creative Forum in Seoul on Oct. 18.

At the forum, Katzenberg and Bong talked casually  for an attentive audience of a couple hundred university students, with Bong referring to Katzenberg as “Uncle Jeffrey.”

Katzenberg and Bong compared the differences between working in Korea and in Hollywood and discussed DWA’s pioneering role in the development of 3D.  Katzenberg said, “We’re a company that specializes in technology as well as storytelling.”

Katzenberg and Bong discussed the exec’s pioneering role in the development of 3D; Bong said he was “skeptical about 3D films, and when Park Chan-wook, who was a producer on ‘Snowpiercer,’ suggested making it 3D, I thought it would be too much work for not much. But ‘Life of Pi’ changed my mind about 3D films.”

Prior to the panel, a select group of Korean animation students presented their projects to Katzenberg and Jennifer Yuh Nelson, director of “Kung Fu Panda 2” and “Kung Fu Panda 3,” who offered comments and feedback. One of the leading directors of animation in Hollywood who also happens to be of Korean heritage, Yuh Nelson is an inspirational figure for Korean animation students.