Twentieth Century Fox and New Regency have been sued by a Greek screenwriter alleging the companies stole his idea and used it for the 2011 Justin Timberlake film “In Time.”

Odysseus Lappas filed the suit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court for breach of contract, slander of title and unfair business practices. He alleged that “In Time” includes nearly every creative element of his synopsis for a film project called ”Time Card.”

Lappas alleges that his synopsis about a future when people die after reaching their 25th birthday, with the main character falling in love with a rich woman — who is virtually immortal because of her wealth. “In Time” centers on the year 2169, when people stop aging at 25, with the wealthy able to stay alive thanks to genetically engineered digital clocks on their arms.

Lappas also alleged that he met in 1996 with a script reader for Fox and was offered $50,000 for the idea but rejected it because he wanted to direct.

Fox released the movie, produced by New Regency, in 2011 and it generated $173 million worldwide.

A spokeswoman for New Regency had no comment. Fox did not respond to a request for comment.