Fans of the original “Oldboy” are finally getting an official peek at what Spike Lee’s remake will look like with FilmDistrict releasing the first official poster (below) for the film which stars Josh Brolin.

Pic also stars Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley and in the first poster Brolin is shown getting out of a trunk — which may or may not be the box he was imprisoned in for 20 years — with the tagline “Ask not why you were imprisoned, ask why you are set free.”

The person in the background in a pink raincoat holding an umbrella could be Olsen’s character.

There’s plenty of buzz surrounding the film, based on the popularity of the 2003 Korean thriller as well as the fact that this is Lee’s wide release film since the WWII pic “Miracle St. Anna” in 2009.

The shot is an actual scene from the film instead of a photo taken strictly for marketing use.

Pic bows on Oct. 25.

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