Jerry Bruckheimer would like the Lone Ranger to ride again, positioning the new Johnny Depp starrer as a franchise starter.

“Hopefully, the Lone Ranger will continue,” the producer said Sunday at the Produced By conference on the Fox lot.

The Disney tentpole, starring Depp and Armie Hammer, opens July 3. Disney-based Bruckheimer, who is now prepping a fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” for the studio, said that the box office performance will be the determing factor.

“It’s always up to the audience,” he noted. “If the audience likes the movie then Disney will come to me and we’ll make another or it will be a one off.”

Bruckheimer also said he’s still continuing work on a “Top Gun” sequel, noting that Tom Cruise is still known as “Maverick” by many fans

“As long as he keeps his enthusiasm, hopefully we can get it made,” Bruckheimer added.

The prolific Bruckheimer counseled the audience to work hard and believe in themselves. “Tenacity is what got me here,” he added.

Bruckheimer also told the crowd that he remains fearful of how his films will play, adding, “What hangs in your mind is that you can fail.”

He concluded by saying that he doesn’t plans on leaving the business soon but added, “At some point, it’s going to give me up.”