In the last decade, audiences at such film festivals as Sundance, Cannes and Venice have viewed Jakob Ihre’s cinematography in features, documentaries and shorts.

Oslo, August 31st” (2011) was his third collaboration with director Joachim Trier and earned Ihre cinematography prizes at the Kanon Awards and the Stockholm Film Festival.

The d.p.’s latest project is “Lola Versus,” written and directed by Daryl Wein and starring Greta Gerwig, Debra Winger and Bill Pullman, which played at Tribeca.

The Fox Searchlight pic was his first romantic comedy as well as his first American-based shoot.

“The look of (“Lola”) aims to be strong but yet unobtrusive and almost hidden or intertwined in the many strong performances and in the visceral backdrop of New York City,” Ihre says. “At moments the camera and lighting had to be naturalistic, real and sensitive but at times also dynamic and grand in order to portray and capture the many different moods of Lola. The real challenge was to make these opposite styles feel that they belonged to the same film.”

Born in Sweden in 1975, Ihre studied cinema at Blighty’s National Film and Television School. The d.p. says that through trial and error he has learned to “bring a certain sensitiveness and alertness to the attitudes, feelings and ideas of the director (I’m working with) and to the characters of each story.”

Ihre says his overall style is dependent on the “world created during preproduction.” But while his work varies from project to project, the d.p. admits that in all of his work there might be “traces of an inborn aesthetic that strives to be unnoticed yet to be felt in the stomach.”

Growing up in the extreme light situations of Sweden — “cold long winter nights and forever summer days,” as he describes them — might have something to do with that aesthetic.

Favorite tool: “Tools are often flavors of the month. (That said) a silver spoon has been used on many jobs recently to distort parts of the edge of a lens.

Inspirations: Andrei Tarkovsky and Steven Spielberg

Representation: Skouras Agency