Halle Berry’s ‘The Call’ Rings Up New Record for Redbox

The WWE Studios, Troika Pictures-produced film becomes the 3 billionth rental for the kiosk operator

Halle Berry's 'The Call' Rings Up New Record for Redbox

The Call” not only helped WWE turn around its film division, becoming the biggest hit for WWE Studios when the Halle Berry thriller went on to earn nearly $52 million domestically in March. But the movie has now become the 3 billionth rental for Redbox.

The film reached the milestone for Redbox in July, 16 months after it rented its 2 billionth disc in March 2012.

The disc was rented from a Redbox kiosk in Littleton, Colo.

The milestone was reached as Redbox announced second quarter results during which its share of the disc rental business grow to more than 50% for the first time.

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“The Call” was easily the top-grossing film that WWE has produced and financed. It’s other top earners were 2006’s “See No Evil” ($19 million worldwide) and the John Cena action vehicle “12 Rounds” ($17 million) in 2009.

WWE Studios co-produced “The Call” with Troika Pictures, splitting the film’s roughly $13 million budget. Sony’s TriStar Pictures released the pic March 15.

It’s the kind of success WWE’s film division has sought after former Miramax executive Michael Luisi took the reigns of the division in 2011.

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Redbox rented over 186.7 million discs during the second quarter. Company operates over 43,700 kiosks which it recently began expanding to add 80 more discs to the 630 slots they typically carry.