‘Godzilla’ Shows Off Some Tail in New Poster

New teaser poster reveals new Godzilla one body part at a time

'Godzilla' Shows Off Some Tail in

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are slowly revealing a little bit more of their “Godzilla,” said to be a more faithful return of the giant Japanese lizard to the big screen than Roland Emmerich’s version in 1998.

They’re just choosing to show him off one body part at a time.

A new teaser poster, released during this week’s Comic-Con, reveals the scaly tail of Godzilla in the film with military helicopters hovering around it.

While Sony’s campaign for Emmerich’s film was heralded for its hype, it too relied on massive body parts to build buzz.

Legendary is making a big push for “Godzilla” at Comic-Con, in San Diego, promoting the film during a presentation on Saturday, during which it will reveal new footage. It also is producing the “Godzilla Encounter” — designed as part museum and theme park attraction — outside the San Diego Convention Center.

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Legendary and WB’s “Godzilla” is set to bow May 16, 2014, directed by Gareth Edwards. The film stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen.