As if the Internet Cat Video Festival weren’t bad enough, the unrelenting hunger for everything bacon-related has unleashed the Bacon Film Festival set for Oct. 17 in New York.

Don’t expect a whole week of paens to all things porky, though — it’s just one night comprised of 11 shorts all revolving around the world of smoky meat, such as “Baquon” (pictured).

Hundreds of films were submitted, according to organizers, ranging from comedies to romances, all with bacon playing a starring role. Unfortunately, no Kevin Bacon films will be screened.

Chopped” judge and chef Chris Santos, who sports a bacon tattoo, and MTV News film correspondent Joshua Horowitz are hosting the festival, which takes place at Gotham’s Sunshine Cinema and includes a prize of $11,000 — enough for about 2000 packages of bacon.

Several of the films can also be viewed via the Bacon Party Youtube channel.