Film Clinic, the prominent Egyptian production shingle known internationally for Sally El Hosaini’s Sundance prizewinner “My Brother the Devil,” among other titles, is branching out into music.

The Cairo-based company, headed by Mohamed Hefzy, will produce an album and a videoclip for Massar Egbari, the alternative band from Alexandria that mixes rock with traditional Egyptian melodies.

The band has a following in both the Arab world and Europe. In 2011 it won a UNESCO nod for promoting dialogue between the Arab and Western worlds.

Massar Egbari, whose name means “compulsory detour,” reflecting their wish to live outside the current constraints of Egyptian society, played a prominent role in Ahmad Abdalla’s 2010 movie “Microphone,” about Alexandria’s underground music scene. Pic, which made a splash on the global fest circuit, is considered a harbinger of the Arab Spring.

“I chose Massar Egbari because I wanted to continue a journey that began in 2010 during the shooting of ‘Microphone,’ ” said Hefzy. “This falls within our mission of empowering, and collaborating with, dynamic emerging artists.”

The new Massar Egbari album will be produced by Film Clinic for release in 2013 via Egyptian music label and distributor Pyramedia, which has megastores in the country.