SAG-AFTRA presidential candidate Esai Morales is starring with Loretta Devine and Salli Richardson in indie high school drama “Teachers,” with Gary Wheeler directing.

Eric Tomosunas and Scott Aronson of Swirl Films are producing. Story, written by Rhonda Baraka, centers on a divided community coming together to save a once-popular high school.

Morales told Variety he’s been working in Davidson, N.C., this week and portraying a parent and printer while trying to keep tabs on his campaign at the same time. He’s planning to return to Los Angeles in time for the union’s national board meeting on Saturday.

“Being an actor is a great big  juggling act so this is something of a labor of love,” he said. “If it were a movie about killing, I wouldn’t have done it but now that I’ve got a daughter, I want to do movies that she can be proud of.”

Devine plays a guidance counselor, and Richardson portrays the principal.

Morales is heading the revived Membership First coalition in SAG-AFTRA’s first election since its merger last year. Current union co-president Ken Howard and background actors Marilyn Monrovia and Paul Edney are also seeking the post.

Howard, who heads the Unite for Strength ticket, has been playing a judge on Robert Downey Jr.’s legal drama “The Judge” with David Dobkin directing.

The SAG-AFTRA election will conclude Aug. 15.

Morales, Devine and Richardson are repped by Innovative Artists.

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