Duo launch Versatile sales house

Pichon, Boye bow Paris-based shingle

Adding to Paris’ vibrant sales agency hub, Violaine Pichon and Pape Boye are launching Versatile, an international sales company.

Boye, who co-founded Funny Balloons, and Pichon, a former sales executive at Celluloid Dreams, will handle about a dozen films a year.

Both will be at the European Film Market to talk up their new venture and hone their first sales slate for its presentation at Cannes.

Versatile launches at an interesting time for French sales agents as the market for foreign-language and arthouse films has become tougher over the last five years.

That said, very few sales companies have shuttered while the growth of young talent, thanks to the build up of national cinemas all over the world, have provided a new directors and producers often willing to work with far lower budgets than auteurs.

Pichon and Boye say they will throw their net worldwide for projects, and intend to work with a new generation of producers and talent as well as established directors, Boye told Variety. “We won’t only take care of films but be very close to filmmakers, working on such concepts as marketing and the festival circuit,” he added.

They will also pursue the tried-and-tested strategy of nursing director and producer careers, while also establishing relationships with foreign distributors.