Quentin Tarantino donned his thermals Thursday, for the chilly U.K. bow of the Weinstein Co.’s “Django Unchained” at Leicester Square’s Empire.

Pic’s heroes Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz joined villain Samuel L. Jackson on the aptly black-and-white carpet.

Conceivably high on his run of good reviews, or perhaps after consuming too many M&Ms in the foyer, Tarantino was exuberant as he bounded down the cinema aisle to introduce the pic.

Demanding as much enthusiasm from his audience as he had invested, he jovially boomed, “We’re going to shut this shit down, unless I see some enthusiasm from you.” He then yelled into the mic, “Do you want to see a movie?!”

As the crowd roared its approval, Tarantino exited, lobbing the mic across the stage in excitement.