Want to be in the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII,” but can’t make it to one of the casting calls? No problem.

Disney has posted an open casting notice calling for video submissions to cast characters dubbed Rachel and Thomas to be in an upcoming film. The notice doesn’t say it’s for “Star Wars,” but as with the recent U.K. casting call, it’s widely interpreted as such.

The notice calls for a “beautiful, smart and athletic” young woman to play Rachel, a 17-to 18-year-old, and a “handsome, smart and athletic” man to play Thomas, 19-23 years old.

Video submissions can be entered through the casting website. In addition to the U.K. open auditions, auditions are being held in cities including Chicago; Nashville; Austin, Texas; and Troy, Mich.

The notice provides bios for both characters, but they may not be completely accurate. Abrams pulled a similar stunt in 2010 with his low-key casting of “Super 8.”

The pic is slated to start shooting in spring 2014 at Pinewood Studios in London, for release in 2015.