Dino De Laurentiis Projects May Be Headed for the Big and Smallscreen

Producer daughter Raffaella shopping a mini and feature about the life of legendary Italian producer

Dino De Laurentiis
Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

ROME – Producer Raffaella De Laurentiis is shopping around  a TV miniseries and a theatrical feature about her father, legendary producer Dino De Laurentiis.

Italo helmer Marco Tullio Giordana (“The Best of Youth,” biopic “Pier Paolo Pasolini: An Italian Crime”) among other works, has been tapped to helm this extensive English-language reconstruction of Dino De Laurentiis’ career, which spans seven decades and combines both Italian and Hollywood movie lore.

The project comprises two separate, though closely related, works: a four-part English-language miniseries being presented to U.S. and international broadcasters, and also a feature for theatrical release.

First announced in the Italian press, the package is being shopped around to U.S. broadcasters, with talks now in advanced stages, Giordana told Variety.

“It will have a largely U.S. cast, but I would like an Italian actor to play the lead,” Giordana said.

Giordana added that “the film version is not going to be a chopped-down version of the TV one. These are going to be two completely autonomous products,” he said.

Project is based on the book “Dino: The Life and Films of Dino De Laurentiis” by Tullio Kezich and Alessandra Levantesi, published in English by Miramax Books.

Giordana, who knew Dino De Laurentiis, described him as “a type of bold, adventurous — and not just flamboyant — Italian, which has become very rare these days, when we (Italians) are just exporting vulgarity.”

Born into a family of Neapolitan pasta manufacturers, Dino De Laurentiis produced his first film in 1941, at age 22, and went on to shepherd more than 150 movies in Italy and Hollywood, including Federico Fellini’s “La Strada,” “Serpico,” “Three Days of The Condor,” “Death Wish,” “Blue Velvet” and “Hannibal Rising.” He died in 2010 at age 91 and never stopped working.

Raffaella De Laurentiis has been shopping a 50-page treatment written by Giordana, who said the plan is now to pen the screenplays for the TV mini and film in tandem with a Hollywood or British scribe going forward.