Fox Previews Ben Stiller’s ‘Walter Mitty,’ ‘Peanuts’ at CinemaCon

Studio sizzle reel featured live-action and toon footage from Blue Sky, DWA

Fox Previews Ben Stiller's 'Walter Mitty,' 'Peanuts' CinemaCon

Fox proved once again to be stellar at showmanship during its slate presentation Thursday at CinemaCon.

The studio made a big deal of its previously-announced 3D animated feature based on Charles Schultz’s “Peanuts,” from Blue Sky Studios, and spotlighted Ben Stiller’s live-action Christmas release “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

Fox chief Jim Gianopulos drew attention to “Peanuts” during a separate sizzle reel devoted to Blue Sky, which unveiled a new animated logo starring the “Ice Age” character Scrat. Other upcoming Blue Sky toons include “Epic” and “Rio 2.”

“We will bring those beloved characters to audiences around the world,” Gianopulos said of the classic comicstrip kids. Fox will release “Peanuts” in November 2015.

Gianopulos also paid equal notice to its new partnership with DreamWorks Animation, incorporating the toon studio into Fox’s slate for the first time at CinemaCon. The studio showed footage from the summer’s “Turbo,” as well as next year’s DWA offerings, “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” and “How to Train Your Dragon 2.”

As for the studio’s live-action pipeline, “Walter Mitty” was the clear favorite. Stiller, along with a surprise comic appearance from Kristen Wiig, came out on stage to introduce clips from the film. Last year, Fox spent considerable time spotlighting Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi,” a move that paid off big for the studio with enthusiastic praise for the 3D film.

Stiller joked at the comparison between himself and Lee: “Yes, Ben Stiller and Ang Lee. The two of us are constantly being compared.”

Still, the extended footage drew hearty applause afterward, as did samplings from other live-action Fox films, including Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor” and Paul Feig’s “The Heat,” with stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy introducing the film.

“I have always been a big fan of cinnamon,” McCarthy joked.

Other featured 2013 Fox pics included “The Internship,” “The Wolverine,” “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” and “Runner Runner.”