“There are other people out there like me … .”

For unsuspecting customers at a local coffee shop, those words uttered by Stephen King’s telekinetic teen Carrie became all-too real — and judging by some reactions, it was an unwelcome discovery.

But not to worry. The video was a prank made to promote Sony-Screen Gems’ upcoming “Carrie” remake, which bows nationwide on Oct. 18.

In the video, a “Carrie”-like girl hurls a man up against a wall, moves tables and launches books across the room — all with her mind. Well, no. The promotional video actually shows how producers made all the supernatural happenings come to life, before they tape the customers’ reactions. The video was made by Thinkmodo, the viral video marketing company that also surprised viewers with promos for “Limitless” and “Chronicle.”

Pretty cool. Take a look: