Fox International Prods. has acquired remake rights to Sean Ellis’ Philippine heist thriller “Metro Manila,” four months after it won the audience award for world cinema at Sundance.

Fox announced the deal at Cannes on Wednesday.

“Metro Manila” was directed by Ellis and Mathilde Charpentier and written by Ellis and Frankie E. Flowers. Ellis directed the film in Tagalog — a language he doesn’t speak.

The story centers on a poor farmer who leads his family out of their impoverished life in the rice fields of the northern Philippines for a brighter future in the megacity Manila. In order to survive he must take the most dangerous job in the city, driving armored transports.

Ellis won an Oscar in 2005 for his short film “Cashback,” which he expanded into a feature. He also directed “The Broken,” which premiered at Sundance in 2008.

ICM Partners represents Ellis, and negotiated the deal on his behalf.