Canadian film and TV production increased 5.6% to $5.9 billion — the combined value of all project budgets — last year.

It was powered by a 21% hike in local TV production, which hit a 10-year-high of $2.6 billion, mostly due to a 24.8% increase in English-language shooting.

In particular, English-language fiction boomed, up 41.4% to $1.1 billion in 2012. The volume of French-language TV production also increased, up 9.5%.

But foreign production was down significantly, dipping 10.6% to just under $1.7 billion, attributed to the fact that the Canadian dollar has continued to rise relative to the American dollar.

Some 98% of foreign filming took place in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, up from 93% for the three provinces 10 years ago — and the majority of that happened in B.C.

Canadian theatrical production rose 14.1% to a 10-year high of $381 million but the number of films produced dropped from 114 to 100. The increase was due to a hike in film budgets.