Lightning struck the worldwide box office this weekend as Disney-Marvel’s first fall release, “Thor: The Dark World,” amassed a thunderous $180.1 million, of which an estimated $86.1 million came from domestic theaters.

With a global cume already at $327 million after last weekend’s whammo international debut, “Thor: The Dark World” is on track to eclipse its predecessor’s global total handily. The original grossed nearly $450 million worldwide during summer 2011.

“The Marvel guys have done something even within the last three years unrivaled in the industry, achieving the consistency of great films, as well as box office success,” said Disney distribution topper Dave Hollis.

“It’s a great blessing to have these characters and the Marvel brand as part of the Disney family,” he added.

“The Dark World” marks the first fall release for Marvel since having been acquired by Disney. The sequel also is the first Marvel property released by Disney without any outside studio participation. Previously, Paramount had shared in revenue for “The Avengers” and “Iron Man 3,” because of a deal it struck with Disney after the Mouse acquired Marvel Studios for $4 billion.

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Other than its domestic start, which is the eighth-largest November bow behind “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” and “Skyfall,” respectively, “The Dark World” saw fantastic bows overseas in countries including China, where the film landed with a projected $19.6 million in three days.

Russia and the U.K. each have contributed north of $20 million after two weeks.

Domestically, the “Thor” sequel was the weekend’s only wide release, though a few other films expanded nationwide looking to counter program the Disney-Marvel juggernaut.

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Universal’s time travel rom-com “About Time” broadened to 1,200 Stateside locations, up from 175, estimating a modest $5.2 million for a domestic cume of $6.7 million, though overseas it’s grossed north of $38 million. The Richard Curtis-directed film was outdone domestically by Fox Searchlight’s slavery drama “12 Years a Slave,” which in its fourth frame grossed $6.6 million, bringing its North American total to $17.3 million.

In limited release, 20th Century Fox’s “The Book Thief” estimated a strong $27,000 from just four locations in New York and L.A. The Nazi Germany-set adaptation of Markus Zusak’s 2007 bestseller marks the first platform release for Fox 2000; parent studio plans a slow domestic roll-out of the film.

Light 3D hammer, but ‘Thor’ strong in premium formats

“The Dark World” earned only 40% of its opening from 3D — though it had a limited domestic footprint in Imax, which only added “Thor” to its line-up early last week, sharing showtimes with “Ender’s Game.” Imax contributed more than $5.3 million, averaging approximately $17,000 per screen.

With Imax taking a smaller role, other premium large-format (PLF) exhibitors, including Cinemark XD, made up a larger portion of the domestic gross for “Thor,” at 7%.

However, the overall 3D share is back to normal after a resurgence with the format, thanks to Warner Bros.’ “Gravity.”

“Gravity” has cumed nearly $475 million worldwide, of which more than $240 million has come from international plexes, with 3D contributing 79%. (The film’s $231.1 million domestic total has a similar 3D share.)


Film (Weeks in release): 3-day gross*; Locations; Per-theater average; Cume*; Percentage change

  1. Thor: The Dark World (1): $86.1; 3,841; $22,418; $86.1; —
  2. Jackass … Bad Grandpa (3): $11.3; 3,187; $3,546; $78.7; -44%
  3. Free Birds (2): $11.2; 3,736; $2,993; $30.2; -29%
  4. Last Vegas (2): $11.1; 3,082; $3,602; $33.5; -32%
  5. Ender’s Game (2): $10.3; 3,407; $3,009; $44.0; -62%
  6. Gravity (6): $8.4; 2,720; $3,090; $231.1; -35%
  7. 12 Years a Slave (4): $6.6; 1,144; $5,769; $17.3; +38%
  8. Captain Phillips (5): $5.8; 2,646; $2,192; $91.0; -31%
  9. About Time (2): $5.2; 1,200; $4,310; $6.7; +381%
  10. Cloudy With … Meatballs 2 (7): $2.8; 1,836; $1,525; $110.0; -33%


Film (Weeks in release): 3-day gross*; Territories; Screens; Int’l cume*; Global cume*; Percentage change

  1. Thor: The Dark World (2): $94.0; 66; n/a; $240.9; $327.0; -15%
  2. Gravity (6): $26.3; 61; 5,400; $241.2; $472.3; -3%
  3. Escape Plan (5): $15.5; 53; n/a; $53.5; $76.7; +297%
  4. Captain Phillips (4): $7.7; 53; 2,940; $55.1; $146.1; -23%
  5. Cloudy With … Meatballs 2 (6): $7.7; 42; 4,385; $81.1; $191.1; -34%

*in millions of $