Arnold Schwarzenegger was back, and sticking around a freezing Leicester Square in London for the European preem of Lionsgate’s “The Last Stand” on Jan. 22.

“I was not trying to become a career politician,” he said of his 7-year stint in politics. “I did it regardless of the lack of pay, $187,000 a year. It was petty cash.”

Knowing co-star Johnny Knoxville’s fame with stunts that go awry, Schwarzenegger took on the role of stunt educator. “With his movies, the stunts go well when they fail” which, Schwarzenegger said, occasionally made it necessary for him to caution Knoxville: ” ‘Johnny, this is a new type of a movie. Let’s make things work.’ Of course, he didn’t listen all of the time.”

Post-preem, Schwarzenegger and company hurried off to the plane and their next stop: Moscow.