Animator Timothy Reckart, whose stop-motion short “Head Over Heels” is nommed for an Oscar, is launching his own production company, Reckart Prods., and is meeting with potential investors in the U.S. and the U.K.

Along with his new banner, Reckart is developing two feature projects, both stop-motion. The first is “Super Special Ed,” about a group of regular kids who fail to get into an elite superhero school and are enrolled instead in a program to develop their unusual superpowers.

The second, “I Lost My Mind,” follows a boy whose brain escapes from his skull and runs around wreaking havoc.

“I’ve been a fan of stop-motion even longer than I’ve been a creator of stop-motion,” Reckart said. “A lot of people predicted the end of it when 3D arrived.” But, he noted, “Of the 10 animated films nominated, both features and shorts, half are stop-motion.”

Reckart’s “Head Over Heels” won the Annie Award for student film on Saturday night.