Ang Lee lands VES Visionary Award

Kudo lauds 'Pi' helmer for use of f/x toward artistic vision

The Visual Effects Society has named helmer Ang Lee winner of its 2013 Visionary Award.

Kudo goes to individuals who have “uniquely and consistently employed the art and science of visual effects to foster imagination and ignite future discoveries by way of artistry, invention and groundbreaking work.”

Lee has employed visual effects in pics hailed at least as much for their artistry as their spectacle, including “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and his current release, “Life of Pi.”

Christopher Nolan was the first recipient of the kudo, which debuted at last year’s VES Awards.

VES executive director Eric Roth called Lee “the epitome of what we classically say is someone who’s got a vision that takes the incredibly technical tools embodied in visual effects to tell a story.”

Jeff Okun, chair of the org’s awards committee, told Variety that with “Life of Pi” “(Lee) pushed the envelope of creation of visual effects for telling a story. In our generation, only ‘Star Wars’ did that. All the other films in between were like, ‘Here’s a new toy, what can we do with it?’ I don’t think you’ve seen a blend of story and craft as rich as this.”

The 11th annual VES Awards will be presented Feb. 5 at the BevHilton.