Amy Adams admitted Thursday night that she still gets wobbly from watching Spike Jonze’s “Her” — even after multiple viewings.

“I get very emotional when I watch this movie, particularly one scene,” she allowed at Warner Bros.’ party at the Chateau Marmont following the screening at the Directors Guild of America. “It’s total waterworks.”

Adams also finds herself in a second major film, David O. Russell’s “American Hustle,” that’s opening at the same time.

“It’s really surreal right now for me since they were shot about a year apart and David and Spike are very different directors,” she noted. “Spike is sensitive and intimate; David is trying to get you to do the work in so many different ways.”

Warner marketing chief Sue Kroll said she’s always been impressed with Jonze finding a way to portray the near-future — where an intelligent operating system takes on a personality — in a believable way.

“He’s found a way to show the universality about the need for connection and how difficult that can be,” Kroll noted. “I don’t think this would have worked a few years ago but now it feels very plausible.”

The exec noted that “Her” was shot in Los Angeles and Shanghai. “I think that parts of Shanghai look like what Los Angeles may look like in the future,” she added.