Amazon Studios is adding an option for its content development arm to include short concept videos for possible development.

The three-year-old studio will begin on Thursday to accept “concept videos” as a way to submit an idea for a commercial theatrical feature film. Videos, which can be two to 15 minutes, can be submitted to the Amazon Studios site.

The process works equivalently to Amazon’s script submission process under which creators can submit publicly or privately with a 45-day option and evaluation period. Creators of projects added to the development slate will receive a $10,000 payment.

Earlier this month, the studio announced the availability of a storyboarding toolAmazon Storyteller — under which writers can create storyboards by first uploading their script to Amazon Studios. Once a storyboard is published,  Amazon Studios takes a 45-day option on the project to decide if it should be added to its development slate.

Amazon Studios recently greenlit five original series from scripts uploaded to the site.