Mexico’s City’s Anima Estudios, the producer of Warner Bros. property “Top Cat,” Mexico’s biggest local toon hit in years, is bringing its follow-up, “Save Oz!,” to the market.

Anima’s flagship production, “Save Oz!” (aka “This Land of Oz”) is its first CGI movie as a lead producer, and its biggest production to date, plus the first in English.

The film is being co-produced with India’s Discreet Arts, and helmed by “Top Cat” director Alberto Mar.

FilmSharks Intl. is handing world sales rights.

Anima has retained rights to North, Central and South America, apart from Brazil, which FilmSharks also sells.

The animated feature, which is in production for second-quarter 2014 delivery, draws on some characters and locations from L. Frank Baum’s celebrated “Oz” book series, which began with 1900’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

But “Save Oz!” has an entirely original story and original main characters. It centers on Oxxy, an enthusiastic and friendly flying monkey, who rebels against serving wicked witch Evilene, reaching out to the Champions of Oz — the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Man — who have taken Emerald City to its maximum splendor. Unfortunately, they haven’t quite been feeling themselves recently and a flying monkey army is bent on capturing Ozzy.

FilmSharks’ founder Guido Rud and VP of international sales and co-productions Gaston Cami will rep “Save Oz!” at the American Film Market.

Released in 2011, “Top Cat” grossed $8.2 million in Mexico on its way to a $14.7 million global gross.