After passing on “Fast & Furious 7,” director Justin Lin has been looking for that next project and Warner Bros. is moving fast in hopes that his next film is at the studio.

Warner Bros. is in negotiations with Adam Cozad to pen the untitled action thriller that is based on the Patrick Lee novel and has Lin attached to direct.

The book comes out in December and the story follows a former special-ops agent who tries to keep a mysterious girl he meets safe from a powerful G-man.

Michael De Luca is producing along with Elaine Chin and Pouya Shabazian.

WB outbid several studio for the rights for the book in February and attached Lin once the rights were acquired. The idea is to make a series of novels and films that features the former special ops officer Sam Dryden.

At the time it was one of several films that Lin had in development, but since he was expected to shoot “Fast & Furious 7,” any other project he had in development was not being fast-tracked.

Once Lin decided that he would not be directing “Fast & Furious 7,” Warners made this project a priority and turned to its new go-to-scribe to handle the writing duties.

Though production on the Cozad’s retelling of “Tarzan” has been postponed, Cozad is still seen has a valuable asset on the lot and Warner execs had been quite active in trying to find a film for him to work on.

Even with Cozad coming on, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would be Lin’s next film. Even though this would make it the film farthest along in development, Lin could still come on to a film that is in need of a director.

Cozad and Lin are repped by CAA.