Brazilian pics at the Berlin fest reflect the human side of a rapidly growing nation:


“Habi, the Foreigner”
Director: Maria Florencia Alvarez
Production/sales: Videofilmes (Brazil), Lita Stantic Producciones (Argentina)
Logline: Young provincial girl moves to Buenos Aires and adopts false identity as Iranian immigrant. World premiere.


Reaching for the Moon
Director: Bruno Barreto
Production: L.C. Barreto, Globo Filmes, Telecine Productions, Globosat, Imagem e Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual (Brazil)
Sales: Penny Wolf/Film Consultancy
Logline: Love story between Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares. World preem.


Director: Francisco Garcia
Production: Kinoosfera Filmes, Dezenove
Sales: Alpha Violet (France)
Logline: Moody, black and white pic about three young friends struggling to survive in Sao Paulo. International preem in San Sebastian 2012.

“The Invisible Collection”
Director: Bernard Attal
Production/sales: Santa Luzia Filmes, Ondina Filmes
Logline: Literary thriller by French-born Attal about man who tries to recover his family’s rare print collection sold to a plantation owner. World preemed at Rio.

“Jonathan’s Forest”
Director: Sergio Andrade
Production/sales: Figa Filmes, Rio Taruma Filmes, VT Quatro Filmes
Logline: Dark, atmospheric journey into the Amazon forest. World preemed at Rio Film Fest.

“Super Nothing”
Director: Rubens Rewald and Rossana Foglia
Production/sales: Confeitaria de Cinema
Logline: Bittersweet tale about aspiring actor trying to hit the big time in Sao Paulo. Won best film at Rio fest.

Director: Marcelo Machado
Production: Bossa Nova Films
Logline: Docu feature about Brazil’s 1960s Tropicalia musical movement, featuring Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Tom Ze and Os Mutantes. World preemed at Telluride Film Festival.Co-producton market & projects in the pipeline

“Best Friends”
Director: Lina Chamie
Production: Girafa Filmes and Dezenove Som e Imagens
Logline: Sao Paulo architect’s voyage of self-discovery. Third feature by Lina Chamie, who opened Cannes’ 2007 Critics’ Week.

“Campo Grande”
Director: Sandra Kogut
Production: Tambellini Filmes, Gloria Films (France)
Logline: Two young kids struggle to adapt to new family as they try to track down their mother.

“The Santo Amaro Circus”
Director: Chico Teixeira
Production: Bossa Nova Films
Logline: Soph outing by Chico Teixeira (“Alice’s House”). Coming-of-age tale about 14-year-old boy who dreams of joining the circus.

“Tudo bom, tudo bem”
Director: Willy Biondani
Production: Bossa Nova Films
Logline: Bossa Nova partner Biondani is prepping this comedy road movie.

“Window View”
Director: Caroline Leone
Production: Dezenove Som e Imagens
Logline: Debut feature about a 65-year-old woman who loses her job and travels to Buenos Aires, where the folklore, fairs and tango change her life.

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