Austin – LA-based 1inMM Productions has teamed with Miami-based TV distribution company Alebrije Entertainment to create One Key Entertainment, aimed at acquiring English-language feature films to distribute throughout all Latin American countries via theatrical and other release platforms.

The new company is heading to the SXSW Film Festival and plans to hit several film markets this year. 1inMM co-founder Zach Horwitz told Variety the company is particularly interested in commercially viable horror, action, sci-fi and thriller titles.

Horwitz, the entrepreneur behind fitness-driven lifestyle brand FÜL, co-founded 1inMM with producer Julio Hallivis (“Game Time”) in 2012. The duo currently have multiple action and sci-fi projects in development for 1inMM, and are repping One Key at SX.

Alebrije is co-owned by industry veterans Gustavo Montaudon, who served almost 30 years at 20th Century Fox and was vice-prexy of TV distribution in Latin America, and longtime sports and entertainment dealmaker Javier Salgado, Alebrije’s CFO.

“We’ve seen the stuff that Zach and Julio have done and we are pretty impressed, especially considering how new to this industry they are,” said Alebrije CEO Montaudon.

“We’re thrilled to enter this partnership with such a charismatic pair of creative individuals.”

Attorney Jon Cantor brokered the deal between the two companies.