VMI Worldwide is taking the Wesley Snipes’ sci-fier “Gallowwalkers” to the European Film Market in Berlin — the first time in over three years that a Snipes project has been up for acquisition at a market.

VMI’s Andre Relis, Brittany Bowen, and Howard Brodsky will be offering the film to international buyers with a screening set for Feb. 8.

“Gallowwalkers” is produced by Jack Bowyer and Courtney Lauren Penn along with Brandon Burrows of Boundless Pictures.

The movie, directed by Andrew Goth and Joanne Ray from their own script, centers on a mysterious gunman, portrayed by Snipes. He’s the son of a nun who breaks her covenant with God to ensure his survival — but her break with God curses her son to be hunted by all those who die by his hand.

“We are very proud to be the company re-introducing Wesley Snipes to our buyers, knowing the strong demand for him to entertain us again,” Relis said.

“Gallowwalkers” was shot before Snipes went to prison. He started serving a three-year prison sentence in 2010 in Pennsylvania for misdemeanor failure to file U.S. federal income tax returns.