Slamdance and JuntoBox Films are launching a partnership for this year’s screenplay competition with the largest pize in Slamdance history to the winning writer.

In addition to the $10,000 cash, JuntoBox Films is committing a minimum of $50,000 towards production financing with the option to fully fund the grand prize winner.

The announcement came on Friday, opening day of the 19th Slamdance festival, which operates a low-budget alternative to Sundance. “Thanks to JuntoBox Films, it’s a grand prize like no other intended for a filmmaker like no other,” said Slamdance topper Peter Baxter.

JuntoBox Films is a collaborative film studio for filmmakers and fans with four projects greenlit since launching last year. The company’s first film, “Passenger,” is set to begin production in February.

The Slamdance Screenwriting Competition consists of four categories — feature, short, horror and original teleplay/webisode. Awards are given to the top three scripts in each category im addition to the grand prize.

Past winners in the Slamdance contest include “The Woodsman” written and directed by Nicole Kassell; “Maria Full of Grace” written and directed by Joshua Marston; “Neo Ned” written by Tim Boughn; “Jug Face,” written and directed by Chad Kinkle and in this year’s special screenings section; and “100 Bloody Acres” written and directed by Cameron & Colin Cairnes.

Slamdance runs through Jan. 24 in Park City, Utah, at the Treasure Mountain Inn. All films in competition have budgets under $1 million.