Postcards from Cannes: One Hour at the Majestic

Photographers at hotel lie in wait for Jennifer Lawrence

Postcards from Cannes: One Hour the Majestic

If you come to Cannes for glamour, you’re likely camping out at the Palais. If you come looking for a deal, you’re probably holing up at the Majestic hotel.

Despite a million-dollar diamond theft and a shooting scare that occured at the festival this past week, the market’s wheeling and dealing hub was all business on Saturday afternoon.

Spend an hour at the Majestic, and you’ll see a mix of familiar Los Angeles faces rushing up to meetings in one of the suites, where companies like EuropaCorp and HBO let buyers read scripts, watch sizzle reels and look out at the ocean when they’ve got a moment to relax and breathe.

In the bar below them, agents, lawyers and executives hunch over coffee, hammering out distribution deals or buttering up potential clients. The rain makes it impossible to enjoy the hotel’s outdoor patio, where one can normally find dealmakers mixed in with tourists lounging in between screenings.

Tapestries big enough to fill an entire New York City apartment hang on the walls, and French security guards keep people from lingering in front of the entrance. Behind them, more French security guards check purses and IDs, and guests must exit through a pathway separate from the entrance one.

Photographers waiting to snap a photo of Jennifer Lawrence in the lobby squeezed around a table piled high with every trade paper imaginable. Men in tuxes strolled to parties and gala screenings all around them, while women in Oscar-worthy dresses and elaborate costumes wandered around, not in any rush to get anywhere but obviously meant to be somewhere, the picture of glamour and business one can find at the hotel at the height of the festival and market.