Madrid’s Media Business School, one of Europe’s leading film-TV biz training orgs, is launching a new initiative: Audiovisual Strategic Business Planning.

ASBP advises senior execs or owners at Europe’s smaller and middling companies on digital innovation, helping them to develop strategy or an investor-ready business plan to grow their companies as competitive businesses.

Course kicks off with a five-day residence in Ronda, southern Spain, Oct. 21-25 and continues with six-month online consultations helping participants hone their business plans. Up to five participants will then present the plans at an investor forum.

Founded in 1991, and backed by the EU Media Program, the MBS already runs three well-established training strands: the Mega Plus European Master in Audiovisual Management; Marketing and Intl. Distribution; and the Multi-Platform Business School.

Former Arte Cine topper Michel Reilhac has just been appointed head of the MPBS while Spanish producer-TV exec Pere Roca is now head of Mega.

The Media Business School operates bursary schemes with Ibermedia (for Mega), the U.K.’s Skillset (M&ID and MPBS) and the Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation (all four courses).