DUBAI – Wayne Borg, Chief Commercial Officer at Abu Dhabi media and production hub twofour54 is leaving his post after six years during which the former Universal exec expanded the scope of the government-backed industry driver which now oversees the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and Media Summit.

Borg joined twofour54 in early 2008 with a broad mandate under which he set up the entity, named after Abu Dhabi’s geographic coordinates. Twofour54 has since grown into a “media zone” that houses more than 160 media companies including CNN, the BBC, Fox Intl. Channels and Cartoon Network. It also runs training programs, state-of-the art studio and post facilities, and operates the Abu Dhabi Film Commission which in 2012 launched a 30% production rebate, touted as the first of its kind in the region.

In 2012 the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, formerly a separate affair, became an integral part of twofour54, part of the plan to make the emirate the region’s main entertainment and media industry center. Borg also oversaw the Abu Dhabi Film Commission, Tropfest Arabia and the Abu Dhabi Media Summit.

A native of Sydney Australia, Borg will be returning to his homeland. “I have decided after six great years here it’s time to head back home and join my family who moved back to Sydney at the beginning of the year,” Borg said in an email.

There is no word yet on who will replace Borg, but it is likely to be an Emirati exec, as is common practice in this region, once the foundations of an ambitious venture are in place.