Veronica Cura: ‘Thrillers and Crime Stories are the Way Men Tell Friends their Unfortunate Love Stories’

Utopica to seal a sales agent deal on “Death In Buenos Aires” after Ventana Sur

Veronica Cura: 'Thrillers and Crime Stories

Film producer Veronica Cura has found continuing success in the Argentine film scene, and it doesn’t look like she is slowing down. After “Las Acacias,” a film she produced, won Cannes’ Camera d’Or, and as her production company, the Buenos Aires-based Utopica Group, continues to grow, she’s coming out with a new film, “Death in Buenos Aires,” starring the Oscar-nominated Demian Bichir.  

What inspired “Death in Buenos Aires?

Natalia Meta, the director, saw “Brokeback Mountain” and thought that a story like that set in Buenos Aires could involve two policemen instead of two cowboys.  At that moment there were several killings in the Recoleta district, of very rich elderly men. As they were members of important companies and traditional Argentinian families, press coverage was very scarce and this shocked her. All three homicides took place in a short period of time in the neighborhood of Recoleta.

How did Demian Bichir get involved?

Natalia took some time trying to find the right cast for Chavez, and also the right partner for Chino Darin. We looked for some different options in Argentina and abroad and a friend of the director who worked in Mexico mentioned his name. We sent him an email with the script and he was interested at once.  

How did he handle the Argentine accent?

He became more and more Argentine by the day. He has a talent and loves to play accents. When we were not happy with the outcome he went and re-did it in dubbing. He was very strict in using no other than his voice for Inspector Chavez and I believe the result is awesome.  

What tone are you trying to set with this film?

It is a film that hides itself in the shell of another film, a mystery that hides within another mystery. I believe that thrillers and crime stories are the way men tell their friends their unfortunate love stories, and love stories are the way in which women hide their crimes. The tone of the thriller hides and the love story hides something else you must discover while watching…

I’ve heard there are some developments on a wider distribution of the film. Can you tell me about that, if there are any?

We are closing a deal with a sales agent after the screening in Ventana Sur. I’ll confirm it soon.

Veronica, “Las Acacias” was a hit at Cannes. Do you think that will help promote this film?

“Las Acacias” was a great film and a great experience, and I learned the most I could. I hope I can put some of this knowledge to use in this one and in my future ones. “Muerte en Buenos Aires” is another type of film, but it will have its own audience.

Tell me about future plans that you have with your company, Utopica Group.

We’re developing a first time feature film from Fernando Salem named “Como funcionan casi todas las cosas” ( “How Most Things Work”), planning to shoot next year. Also we’re developing some wild life documentaries and some other projects related with production services in Argentina.