SAN SEBASTIAN — Carlos Jimenez, Gines Garcia Millan, Pascal Edelman, Judith Colell, Xavier Torras, Emilio Mayorga, and Agusti Villaronga are among jury members of Spain’s 2nd We Art Water Film Festival.

Also on the jury: San Sebastian fest director Jose Luis Rebordinos.

An international short format festival, which will be presented Friday at Spain’s San Sebastian Festival, the We Are Water Festival is organized to promote public awareness of water problems in the world via 1-3 minute shorts.

This year round, competition entries will turn on Water and Sanitation.

Finalists and prizes will be unveiled in May 2014. Films that make the short list will be exhibited on the Festival site, offered for social media and play galleries such as Roca Galleries in London, Madrid, Lisbon and Barcelona.

WAWF organizers claim 894 million people lack access to drinking water and 2.5 billion to basic sanitation.

The festival, which is organized by the We Are Water Foundation, will award prizes for best documentary, animation short, Instagram innovation format and an audience award.

Launched 2011 via a call for entries at 150 film schools, the first We Art Water Festival received 500 submissions.

Two of the winner of the festival’s first edition, “Paramos, agua por oro,” from Colombia’s Camilo Arenas, and “Give Me Water, Please,” directed by Poland’s Anna Baranska, were screened at the Berlin Festival.

Beyond promoting awareness, the We Are Water Foundation also intervenes in projects attempting to combat water shortage, working with orgs such as Unicef and Education Without Fronteirs.