SAN SEBASTIAN – Six Europe-based producers have booked their flight to early December’s Ventana Sur.

Already Latin America’s biggest mart-meet, Ventana Sur looks as if this year it will get bigger.

Events buyers are tracking towards a total 250 international buyers and sales agents, said the Producers Network topper, Julie Bergeron.

An increasing number of companies send two execs.

A further 150 buyers will hail into Ventana Sur from all over the rest of Latin America outside Argentina.

“Most Ventana Sur attendees who have come before want to come again and many new distributors and sellers want to come,” said Ventana Sur co-director Jerome Paillard, the Cannes Market director.

The six-producers will be invited by Ventana Sur to continue to pitch their San Sebastian Forum projects in Buenos Aires.

The invitation to Ventana Sur forms part of a Forging Alliances collaboration between San Sebastian, the Cannes market’s Producers Network and Ventana Sur.

Producers selected all pitched projects at San Sebastian’s 2nd Europe-Latin America Co-production forum: Pedro Aguilera (presenting “Demonio Tus Ojos,”) Edgard Tenembaum with “The Companion,” Jose Maria Lara’ (“La puerta del amor), Marianne Dumoulin at France’s JBA Production, which unveiled “Nobody Boy,” Abra Prods. Alberto Gerrikabeitia at the Basque County’s Bilbao-based Abra Prod, which pitched “Operacion Concha, and Eugenia Mumenthaler at Switzerland’s Alina Films.

The Forging Alliances initiative forms part of a roadmap now set for Latin American and European producers. Former can segue from Ventana Sur to Cannes, where they will have accreditation for next year’s Producers’ Network, a major.

Ever more Latin America buyers at Ventana Sur work for TV networks – especially national pubcasters – or pay-boxes, said Ventana Sur co-director Bernardo Bergeret.

Currently TV is the only window for the pan-Latin American distribution of Latin American films.

“Theatrical in Latin America is increasingly complicated given limited screen access for local films,” Bergeret added.

Ventana Sur will also host a two-day meeting, Dec.4-5, between the region’s exhibitors and national film authorities to study ways of energizing the digitization of cinema theaters, which is currently just past 50, a low figure, in Latin America.

Primer Corte, which will be selected again by Cannes Cinefondation’s Georges Goldenstern, He has received 85 submissions to date.

Ventana Sur’s new Blood Window genre pic market will adds a work in progress strand, overseen by San Sebastian director Jose Luis Rebordinos, and a co-production meet.

Horror effects specialist Sergio Stivaletti, best known for his collaboration with Dario Argento, will attend Ventana Sur to deliver a master class.

Pics at the Blood Window film market will include Santiago Palavechino’s “Some Girls,” seen at Venice.

A one-year training-networking course for early-in-development projects organized by the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE), Puentes will hold its Uruguay meet just before Ventana Sur, allowing producers to follow-up visiting the market.

Ventana Sur runs Dec. 3-6 in Buenos Aires.