LES ARCS, France — Vuk Rsumovic’s “No One’s Child,” a drama set in war-torn Bosnia, won the Work-In-Progress nod at Les Arcs film festival’s co-production village on Dec. 16.

Set in 1988, “Child” centers on the true story of a wild boy who was found living with wolves in the mountains of Bosnia and sent to a Belgrade orphanage to be civilized.

“(Child) is a poignant reflection on the loneliness and innocence of a character during the war,” said Les Arcs fest’s artistic director Frederic Boyer, who is also Tribeca programmer.

“Child” was selected by Gabor Greiner from Films Boutique, Karel Och, Karlovy Vary’s artistic director, and Ellis Driessen from Fortissimo Films.

As part of the award, the project will get a 6000 Euros ($8251)-grant to cover post-production services from French lab Digimage Classics.

Project, which is budgeted under $1.4 million, was presented at Les Arcs by lead producer Miroslav Mogorovic at Belgrade-based Art & Popcorn.

Hungarian shingle Kinorama is co-producing and Serbia’s Soul Food Distribution has come on board to handle international sales.

It’s Rsumovic’s directorial debut. He previously penned “Walter,” a documentary about World War II hero Vladimir Peric.

“Child” is one of the 10 projects which were pitched in Les Arcs on Dec. 15. Other Work-In-Progress highlights included Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson’s “Paris Of The North,” an Icelandic dramedy about a dysfunctional son-and-father relationship, “Liebling,” a Belgian black comedy toplining Jeroen Perceval, who also penned the film based on his own theater play, and Marco Van Geffen’s “In Your Name,” a drama turning on a couple struggling to cope with the death of their newborn child.

Les Arcs’ Work-In-Progress was attended by top sales agents and distributors, notably Gilles Sousa from Bac Films, Violaine Pichon from Versatile, Camille Neel from Le Pacte, Charles Tremblay from Canada’s Metropole Films.

Fest wraps on Dec. 21.