BUENOS AIRES – Gax Alazraki’s “The Noble Family,” one of Mexico’s two 2013 comedy B.O. juggernauts, has pulled down new major territory sales deals, closing the CIS and Baltic States with Maywin Films, as well as all rights for Australia/New Zealand with Potential Films.

Sales agent Guido Rud announced both deals at the end of Tuesday’s first day of trading at Ventana Sur, where “Family” screens for buyers on Thursday.

The Maywin deal includes a theatrical run, Rud added.

The two licensing pacts add to already-announced sales to much of Latin America, including Central America, with Wiesner Distribution; Procinal Films for Colombia, Cines Unidos in Venezuela and Delta Video Films for Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Trawling a final $26.6 million in Mexico, an all-time home-turf B.O. record for a Mexican film at the time, Warner Bros. has TV and VOD rights to Latin America.

Spain (Canal Plus), Eastern Europe (HBO), Turkey (Medyavysion) and South Africa (Nolava Intl. Film Distribution) have also bought Alazraki’s feature debut.

France and Germany are now under negotiations, Rud said.

In the U.S, Pantelion gave “Noble Family” a limited release Nov. 1 in association with AMC Theaters. Gussi will handle DVD, Cinelatino TV and VOD.

A feel-good riff on Mexico’s gaping income gap, Gary Alazraki’s feature debut turns on a construction magnate who feigns bankruptcy to force his lay-about children to face the unimaginable: a real job.