SAN SEBASTIAN – Seeing payback from its push into acquiring European movie sales rights, Madrid-based Latido Fims has initiated international deals on “Puppy Love,” which world premieres Saturday at San Sebastian.

Peter Pan Pictures has tied down rights to South Korea, Sundream Motion Pictures those to Hong Kong.

Film Coopi distributes in Switzerland, Dreamtouch on Belgium.

Promoted at San Sebastian by Wallonie Bruxelles Images, “Puppy Love” is the latest film from Entre Chien et Loup, one of Belgium’s pre-eminent production houses, whose recent co-production credits include Ari Folman’s “The Congress,” with Robin Wright, and first-time Yuval Adler’s well-reviewed thriller “Bethlehem,” a Venice, Telluride and Toronto player which won Venice Days Fedora Prize earlier this month.

Marking another young director’s debut, that of actress-director Delphine Lehericey, and co-starring Vincent Perez (“The Crow: City of Angels”), “Puppy Love’s” title is ironical. A coming-of-age tale, and then some, it turns on a 14-year-old, Diane, a good family girl who’s close to hsr father (Perez), helps bring up kid brother. Then she meets Julia, an emancipated English girl, Julia, and begins to go wild, turning her back on morality, ignoring limits to desires, finding herself.

“In our first relationship, be it amorous or friendly, love, desire and yearning become intertwined and tangled, actions come first and questions come later,” Lehericey commented.

“I wanted the journey of Diana and her friend Julia to speak directly to today’s youth and us, as adults, to plunge with them into the thrill of adolescence,” she added.

Though a first feature, “Puppy Love” is co-produced by four partners: Entre Chien et Loup, Switzerland’s Box Productions, France’s Liason Cinematographique and Luxembourg’s Juliette Films.

Though not explicit, its depiction of adolescents discovering their sexuality could spark polemics at San Sebastian, fest director Jose Luis Rebordinos suggested to Spain’s “El Pais.”

“Almost everybody has this kind of experience – meeting someone who’s more mature who makes you question a lot of things in your life, especially when you’re a teenager,” said Latido Fims managing director Silvia Iturbe.