Karlovy Vary, Central Europe’s leading film fest, is to pay tribute to Jerry Schatzberg.

The helmer, who was one of the leading lights of New Hollywood, will present three of his early works: his 1970 debut “Puzzle of a Downfall Child,”  1971 drug drama “The Panic in Needle Park” and tragicomedy “Scarecrow,” which starred Al Pacino and Gene Hackman and won Cannes’ Palme d’Or in 1973. Schatzberg recently revealed that he was planning to make a sequel to “Scarecrow.”

Karlovy Vary’s artistic director Karel Och said: “Jerry is one of the seminal directors of his age — occupying an exceptional position alongside the generation of talented filmmakers credited with the renaissance of American film during the 1970s.”

Fest also announced it would include a Kurdish Cinema sidebar, with up to 15 features and shorts, including Yilmaz Guney’s “Yol.”

British helmer Mark Cousins will screen “The First Film,” which took him to the Kurdish village of Goptapa, stricken in 1988 by one of Saddam Hussein’s chemical attacks.

There will also be two films from Bahman Ghobadi in the sidebar: “Rhino Season” and “Land of Heroes.” Hisham Zaman’s “Before Snowfall” and “Daddy” are also included.

The fest runs June 28 to July 6.