MADRID – Jason Gurvitz’s Green Dog Films in L.A. and Diego Ramirez’s Bogota/Cali-based 64A-Films are advancing on one of Latin America’s biggest pushes to date into genre pic production, launching a call for projects for a five-pic horror movies slate, dubbed The Madremonte Project.

Produced by Ramirez and Gurvitz, all five movies will be shot back-to-back in Colombia from June 2014.

Appealing to crowdsourcing, and spreading the net worldwide, the partners have created a Madremonte website to field offers.

“We want scripts from all over the world,” Gurvitz said.

But, he added, Madremonte will consider writers/directors only if they have a completed feature which has seen some level of success in their home country.

Gurvitz’s producing partner, Deborah del Prete (“Ender’s Game,” “Green Street Hooligans”), a founder of Odd Lot Entertainment and now running Coronet Films, will also exec produce Madremonte projects.

Launching a call for projects, Ramirez and Gurvitz have laid down conditions that seek at one and the same time to both contain costs but also create genre pics that have export appeal in a vigorously expanding, hence highly competitive genre production sector. Among key Madremonte production parameters:

  • Genre is understood as thrillers, suspense movies, horror and all their sub-genres and hybrid genre-blenders;
  • Projects should have at least a treatment if not a first-draft screenplay, and to come in at the low-budget bracket range, and feature not more than three locations and three leads, five secondary characters and a no large number of extras;
  • That said, to goose production levels, at least one of the locations must be “exotic, impacting and distinctive,” a Madremonte mission statement maintained.

Movies will be shot in their near entirety in English, but maintaining the possibility of incorporating other languages and cultures, per Gurvitz.

He added: “We want these films to stand out as very artistic, high-production-value genre films along the lines of ‘The Conjuring,’ ‘The Others,’ ‘The Hills Have Eyes,’ even with the influences of great classic masters like Dario Argento.”

For Ramirez, Madremonte’s “idea is to select five directors, every one from a different country with a different approach but all forming part of a very ‘cool’ gang of new blood thriller directors.”

Madremonte has elicited “great interest from many financing partners we are in talks with, who want to see the content before inking anything formally,” Gurvitz reported.

As announced in July, Carlos Moreno (“Dog Eat Dog,” “All Your Dead Ones,” “The Snitch Cartel”) has committed to direct one movie on the slate. Alonso Torres, Moreno’s regular co-scribe, will act as script consultant.

Shot mostly in and around Bogota, the Gurvitz-produced “Broken Kingdom,” directed by Daniel Gilles and starring Rachel Leigh Cook, Seymour Casell and Gilles, is currently airing on Showtime. It will screen at October’s Bogota Festival.

Produced by Green Dog, Michael Ojeda’s revenge blood fest “Savaged” looks bound for major fantastic fests this early fall.