PARIS — Rolling off its rapturous Cannes bow, Guillaume Gallienne’s Directors’ Fortnight winner “Me, Myself and Mum” is set to travel to nearly all major territories.

Gaumont, the pic’s co-producer, distributor and sales agent, has closed deals with such major European distribs as Concorde in the German-language territories, A Contracorriente in Spain, Eagle in Italy, JMH in Switzerland, Lusomundo in Portugal, Odeon in Greece.

Other sales include Canada (Christal), Island (Green Light Films), Israel (Nachshon), CIS (CP Digital), Taiwan (Filmware), South Korea (Pan Cinema) and Hong Kong (Sundream).

“Mum” stole the show at Directors’ Fortnight, snatching up both the Art Cinema Award and the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers’ SACD Prize.

The bigscreen makeover of Gallienne’s own stage show, “Me, Myself and Mum” turns on the thesp/helmer’s recreation of a childhood overshadowed by a cherished mother who assumes that he’s gay. Gallienne, who plays himself as a child and schoolboy as well as limning his mother, received much critical praise for his multi-faceted performance.

“The uniqueness of the subject, character and storytelling attracted the buyers,” Gaumont’s deputy head of sales Yohann Comte told Variety.

“Distributors said it looked like no other film they had seen, although some mentioned Pedro Almodovar.”

Added Comte, “That singularity makes the film a challenge in terms of marketing, and that’s why all the distributors we closed with are passionate about the movie.”

“Me, Myself and Mum” is produced by two of France’s indie heavyweights: Edouard Weil’s Rectangle Prods., whose credits include Valerie Donzelli’s “Declaration of War,” and Cyril Colbeau-Justin and Jean-Baptiste Dupont’s LGM, whose eclectic track record include popular laffers like “Billy and Buddy” and dark-edged thrillers like Fred Cavaye’s “Point Blank.”

Gaumont, which comes off worldwide megahit “Intouchables,” will roll out “Mum” in France on Nov. 20. Aiming at mainstream auds, the laffer is expected to be one of France’s biggest local-lingo B.O. earners of 2013, expanding into 2014.

Gaumont is in negotiations to close Australia and has received offers for the U.K.

John Hopewell contributed to this report.