LONDON — British film producer Tim Hampton, who worked with helmers including Roman Polanski, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Hugh Hudson and Francis Ford Coppola, has died.

Hampton, who died March 11 at 65, began his career as a runner working up to production manager/supervisor on films including Peter Medak’s “The Ruling Class,” Nic Roeg’s “Don’t Look Now” and Richard Donner’s “Superman.”

His producing credits included “Monty Python’s Life of Brian,” Ridley Scott’s “Legend,” Stephen Hopkins’ “Lost in Space” and Polanski’s “Frantic.”

“Tim’s warm personality, humor and outstanding professionalism made him a joy to work alongside. We’ll all miss him,” said Polanski.

“I have very fond memories of Tim,” said Michael Palin. “He kept a remarkably cool head amongst all the madness and he was damn good at his job too. All the Pythons liked and respected him.”

In November 1979 Hampton became European production exec and managing director of Twentieth Century Fox Production, where he served until 1983, closely involved with productions including Hugh Hudson’s Academy Award-winning “Chariots of Fire” and Irvin Kershner’s “The Empire Strikes Back.” He would later take up the role of vice president worldwide production at Fox overseeing productions including James Cameron’s “Aliens,” Wolfgang Petersen’s “Enemy Mine” and “Romancing the Stone” sequel “The Jewel of the Nile.”

“With great friends we may seldom see them but always carry them in our hearts and minds. Tim was one such friend,” said Paul Higginson, executive vice president Twentieth Century Fox. “Tim was always calm, even when the 007 stage burned down taking the “Legend” set with it. All who knew him will have memories to treasure.”