The Dubai Intl. Film Festival is launching a Cinematic Innovation Summit in tandem with its 10th edition, with Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith, Lava Bear Films topper David Linde and Avatar thesp Stephen Lang among those expected to attend.

The event, which will take place in Dubai on Dec. 5 and 6, is being described as a dynamic mix of symposium, film festival and interactive space for cutting-edge works and technologies.

The 10th Dubai fest will run Dec. 6-14.

The summit had been originally planned for a December 2012 bow, but was subsequently rescheduled to give organizers more time.

New technologies are especially relevant to the Gulf region, which has among the youngest and most digitally-enabled demographics in the world. Saudi Arabia, for example, where movie theaters are banned by conservative clerics, has the the world’s highest average YouTube consumption.

“In today’s world, technology is transforming the entire media ecosystem, and this impact is already visible in the rapidly growing cinema industry across the region,” said DIFF chairman Abdulhamid Juma. “We understand that providing guidance and access to these powerful new tools for storytelling is now crucial to the achievement of our ultimate goal — enabling talent and film to find critical and commercial success.”

The Dubai Cinematic Innovation Summit, which is co-organized by Seattle-based Center for New Cinema and Dubai-based business confabs outfit Naseba, mirrors the annual Abu Dhabi Media Summit, which precedes the nearby Abu Dhabi Film Fest.